GIER Director selected for new interdisciplinary network

By Virginia Capmourteres

Dr. Madhur Anand was invited to represent GIER in a new “changemakers” table. This is a multi-disciplinary platform composed of 85 selected thought leaders who will tackle human-environment challenges.

The changemakers, from over 60 organizations across 6 countries, will identify cross-sector research questions on three broad interdisciplinary themes: Improving Health and Hygiene Systems, Regenerative Agriculture, and Human and Environmental Ecosystem Valuation. The participating organizations will then work collaboratively for two years to address these questions.

This is an initiative of the Echo Network, a group steered by the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India that brings together bright minds to revolutionize the way science is embedded in our society.

You can find more details about the work of the changemakers table here.

Banner photo credit: Omar Flores on Unsplash.

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