Collaboratory for Creative Writing, Environmental Sciences, and the Arts

Society is confronting unprecedented environmental challenges such as climate change, biodiversity declines, invasive species, habitat loss, pollution, and resource scarcity, for which many scientific solutions exists, but practitioners have come to an agreement that solving most environmental challenges are at their core human issues. Artistic invention can empower individuals and societies to understand the past and to imagine futures. It can also create empathy and resilience to future crises. The above has been recognized by many, including those who would like to move from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to STEAM (the “A” is for “Arts”) education and research. But there is no place in Canada where creative writers, artists, and scientists can regularly come together to talk and work and co-produce in real time to better articulate environmental problems and ultimately see knowledge move to practice and vice-versa. The University of Guelph and GIER in particular is well-suited to lead in this area. We invite you to check out our projects within this theme and get in touch with us ( if you would like to collaborate.

Banner photo credit: Yousef Espanioly on Unsplash.

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