Bringing people together to tackle the world’s most complex environmental problems

At GIER our mission is to build on the University of Guelph’s expertise in the environment and sustainability by bringing together researchers from diverse fields, and tackling the world’s environmental problems through innovation and interdisciplinary collaborations.

We are excited to partner with like-minded and interdisciplinary institutes, organizations, and groups at the University and beyond to help advance environmental research and to break down barriers between disciplines.

Currently, GIER collaborates with several organizations, including working towards a formal partnership with the Arboretum to support interdisciplinary research on conservation and restoration, working with the Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership to highlight Indigenous research initiatives at the University of Guelph, and leading a partnership with both The Bookshelf and the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival on an initiative called Environment Bound.

Interested in partnering or collaborating with GIER? Feel free to contact us!

Current partners

The Arboretum is 400-acres adjacent to the University of Guelph with a mission to conserve biodiversity and connect people to nature through research, teaching and community outreach

The Conservation Through Reconciliation Partnership (CRP) represents a seven-year program hosted by the IISAAK OLAM Foundation, the Indigenous Leadership Initiative, and the University of Guelph that fosters connections between Indigenous Nations, institutions of higher learning, and conservation agencies.

The rare Charitable Research Reserve is a community-based urban land trust and environmental institute that protects highly sensitive lands and seeks to make the world a more sustainable place by protecting our natural spaces, today and into the future.

Musagetes is an international organization that makes the arts more central and meaningful in people’s lives, in our communities, and in our societies.

The Eden Mills Writers’ Festival is a literary festival that provides stimulating, thought-provoking and entertaining programming for all ages and nurtures the next generation of writers.

The Bookshelf is an independent bookstore and cinema based in downtown Guelph.

The Morwick G360 Groundwater Research Institute is a focal point for groundwater research collaborations between Academics, Governments, and Industries around the world

The OneHealth Institute at the University of Guelph works to promote academic, research and outreach programs centered around One Health scholarship.

The International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation works to create positive social change through the confluence of improvisational arts, innovative scholarship, and collaborative action.

The Echo Network is social innovation partnership working to share the importance of science in our daily lives and move toward solving India’s systemic problems

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