Organizational Structure


The leadership of the Institute comprises a Director and a Governance Committee. The Director —and all but two of the Governance Committee members— are appointed from within the University. Two Governance Committee members are appointed from outside the University and work in industry, non-governmental organizations, or in policy or regulatory government sectors.


The Director provides strategic leadership for GIER. The Director represents, champions, and promotes the work of the Institute internally and externally. The Director also puts forward GIER’s Budget and Strategic Visioning and Operational Plan.

Dr. Madhur Anand, Director of GIER. Photo credit: Karen Whylie.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee consists of ten (10) members, as follows:

  • Internal Members: Seven (7) Internal Members from the University, one (1) from each of the six Colleges and the Lang School of Business and Economics;
  • External Members: Two (2) External Members selected from outside the university; and,
  • The Director (1) , who serves as non-voting and ex officio member of the Governance Committee.

GIER’s current Internal Members of the Governance Committee are:

  • Dr. Eric Nost – GIER Governance Committee Chair, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences
  • Dr. Ryan Norris – College of Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Stefan Linquist – College of Arts
  • Dr. Erica Pensini – College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • Dr. Heather Murphy – Ontario Veterinary College
  • Dr. Paul Sibley – Ontario Agricultural College
  • Dr. Mark Holmes – Lang School of Business and Economics

GIER’s current External Member of the Governance Committee are:

Communications, Research Engagement and Administration Officer

The Communications, Research Engagement and Administration Officer provides on-going administrative and communications support for university-wide projects in the Environment with GIER and reports directly to its Director. The Officer serves as an advisor to the Director on operational decision-making associated with both the administrative and communication sides of the Institute. The Officer is responsible for ensuring that administration, research engagement and communication outcomes are achieved in accordance with the Institute’s projected plans.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members are faculty members of the University of Guelph who participate in the Institute’s research and outreach activities. Affiliate Members populate the Institute’s database of experts and are encouraged to participate in interdisciplinary environmental research across colleges. Affiliate Members are eligible to receive funding from the Institute.

Banner photo credit: G360

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