Perennial Symposium

Edge Effects

Transition areas where spatial

changes in vegetation structure or ecosystem process

rates are more rapid than in the adjoining plant

communities. These boundaries are often distinct, dramatic, and

give rise to changes in the abundances of individual

plants or animals, the numbers of species, and other

ecosystem attributes.

The Princeton guide to ecology
Levin, & Carpenter, S. R. (2009). 

Where two ecosystems meet, the possibility of a third, distinct ecosystem emerges. In these border places, or ecotones, edge effects describe the changes in community structure and function which give rise to unique interactions between biota, minerals, water and sunlight.

This year’s symposium theme, Edge Effects, is inspired by the possibility of emergent interdisciplinary collaborations during this liminal time of the pandemic, and in our climate change story. What sort of unique relationships might we create? What new mitigation or adaptation strategies will we develop as climate change unfolds? And how can collaborations between our unique disciplines continue to create space for new, and pertinent questions? 

As circumstances continue to be quite unusual, we have decided to curate a variety of virtual activities in a Perennial Symposium Format to offer you a glimpse of the different research and outreach projects that GIER and GIER Affiliates have been conducting on various dimensions on the environment and at the intersection of the many disciplines supported by the seven colleges of the University of Guelph.

Olivia Blumenthal (GIER Early Career Affiliate)

Benjamin Finley (GIER Early Career Affiliate)

Eric Nost (GIER Affiliate)

Liane Miedema Brown (GIER Officer)

Madhur Anand (GIER Director)

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Banner photo credit: Olli Kilpi on Unsplash.

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