Image shows some grasses and two butterflies in bright orange and black colours.

Insect Collection Live Tour

By Virginia Capmourteres

GIER has partnered with The EchoNetwork to produce a series of (virtual) encounters between environmental researchers in India and Canada. The purpose of these encounters is to learn how research is conducted in both countries and to exchange enriching experiences between academia and society at large.

The first episode of these series of encounters brought UofG’s Insect Collection curator Dr. Steven Paiero and National Centre for Biological Science Museum-Bangalore curator Dr. Vivek Ramachandran. Moderated by Dr. Shannon Olssen, Director of the The EchoNetwork, this conversation spanned topics such as the uses of biological collections for biodiversity conservation, the importance of cross-sectoral interactions and engagement, and the various protocols and procedures in place in both Canada and India for sampling biodiversity.

Below we share some highlights of the virtual tour. You can watch the complete video here.

Banner photo credit: Milagro on Unsplash.

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