Five GIER Affiliate Members awarded federal funding

By Virginia Capmourteres

We are delighted to announce that the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) has recognized the research contributions of five of our Affiliate Members. Congratulations to all!

John Dutcher will study natural nanomaterials (i.e. starch and phytoglycogen in sweet corn) as they might have the potential to help produce healthier foods and deliver nutrients and medicines.

Jackie Goordial will study microbial processes that regulate biogeochemical cycling in environments undergoing rapid change. In particular, Prof. Goordial aims to understand how greenhouse gas emissions affected climate change in the past and predict their future effects.

Amar Mohanty and Manjusri Misra, will develop and engineer new industrial materials from sustainable resources. For example, they seek to use plant biomass to create composites for industrial-scale applications.

Ryan Prosser will not only analyze stressors on threatened freshwater mussels, which provide important ecosystem services, but also develop novel tools (e.g. metabolomics and proteomics) to analyze the effects of such environmental stressors.

Read the full press release here.

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