The Andean Initiative

By Virginia Capmourteres

We are happy to announce that the Andean Initiative kicks off this week! The Andean Initiative aims to support the well-being of vulnerable rural communities in the Andes of Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. You can follow them on Facebook to be part of their International Launch (July 22, 10:00 am EDT) and International Dialogue (July 23, 10:00 am EDT) events.

GIER Affiliate Member, Dr. Silvia Sarapura, is part of this project and explains that the program is based on the three components: Plants, Planet, People. The Andean Initiative focuses on the linkages, relationships and overlaps of the three components to design interventions: Agrobiodiversity, Climate Action, Healthy Diets & Livelihoods. Interventions are adapted, trough a collaborative process and collective action, to the local context and the needs of a specific landscape and country. This project is a collaboration between The International Potato Centre – CGIAR; local, national and international partners in countries; and UofG’s School of Environmental Design and Rural Development.

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