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GIER’s Perennial Symposium is an opportunity to celebrate the incredible diversity and depth of interdisciplinary environmental research happening at the University of Guelph and beyond. While this is a chance to highlight events and research, it is also a chance to promote the incredible work completed and being done by our GIER Affiliate Faculty and Early Career Researchers!  

Follow the links below to read, listen to, and experience some of the incredible work being done in the GIER community, from creative writing on invasive species, to guided nature walks, to citizen science apps and documentaries.  

Stay tuned for more GIER Affiliate content related to environmental research across the disciplines!

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Earth’s Aunties

GIER Affiliate and awardee Catherine Bush explores the question, “What if, instead, we cared for the world’s future inhabitants like aunts?” through beautiful prose in this essay published in Noema Magazine.

The Elephant in All Rooms

GIER Director Dr. Madhur Anand embraces both science and art in this piece exploring the need to embrace rapid, far-reaching, and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society through interdisciplinary perspectives.

Invasives: Unknitting despair in a tangled landscape 

In this piece published in Emergence Magazine by Catherine Bush, GIER Affiliate and awardee, again uses creative writing to explore the human relationship to the natural world and engagement with the landscape as an act of unknitting despair.


In this piece published in the anthology Watch Your Head , GIER ECR Affiliate Qurat Dar’s compelling climate poetry dives into grief, the problem of hope, and our endangered world.

Inose/Field Trip *

Environmental Scientist and GIER Affiliate Dr. Jesse Popp joins with playwrite Yolanda Bonnell (along with sound artist Dawn Matheson and dramaturg Natasha Greenblatt) to create a 25-minute sound walk. The result is an intimate aural experience encouraging participants to connect with their surroundings, awakening curiosity and the potential for new relationships with the natural world.

We are Fishing People *

This short documentary piece on First Nations Fisheries Governance on the Great Lakes, and was created as a part of GIER Affiliates Dr. Nicolas Brunet and Dr. Philip Loring’s GIER 2020 Small Grants Project.


This Digital Concert was composed, performed, and improvised by GIER Early Career Affiliate Ben Finley as an exploration of connection with the natural world explored through musical improvisation.

Squirrel Life Community Project *

A new app, created by GIER Affiliate researchers, for capturing behaviour of squirrels worldwide – including chipmunks, prairie dogs and other members of the Sciuridae family.

*Indicates research is partially funded by GIER

Banner photo credit: Kane Reinholdtsen on Unsplash.

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