A black and white watercolour image of a determined person, bundled in winter clothing, shovelling snow.

Snow Shovel

It matters to me whether you own a snow shovel. When we meet, I’ll ask. It will ignite a long conversation about you; what you value, what you look forward to, who you help, who you are. I’ll hear your words, and watch your face. If you didn’t but now do, or don’t anymore, your life’s story will begin to reveal texture. Perhaps, instead, you spend money on rain coats or condo fees. If you tell me that you own a snow shovel, I’ll ask you if you keep it handy, propped up next to your door, or tucked away in your garage. I’ll know if you live in Toronto or Winnipeg. And if your eyes light up when you tell me that you just bought the latest and super cool ergonomic model, I’ll assume that you shovel for your neighbours.

Dr. Shoshanah Jacobs

Shoshanah Jacobs

Associate Professor, Department of Integrative Biology. Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Management.

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