I spent years measuring microclimates.

Light intensity, moisture, soil

And air temperatures. Wind speed

And the density of grasses per square metre.

Told my students they could hold

A thousand microclimates

In the palm of their hand; like pinheads.

And if they zoomed in, there would be

A million beneath the belly

Of a strawflower. A whole universe

Between grains of beach sand and

The unsung ecology of the oceans.

We only see an average. The sum

Of all things added up and divided

By ignorance and the greed of humanity.

The bed of nails, we sleep on.

As one is pulled away the others sink deeper.

Until only one is left. Painlessly

Piercing the heart. A slow death realized Only when the lungs stop breathing.

Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy is an educator, author, and poet who lives in Newfoundland and Labrador. His poetry has appeared in journals, anthologies and online in Canada, the US, Ireland and Great Britain. 

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