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The CAVN is seeking collaboration with numerous sponsors to further share a unified message of veterinary nutrition. We invite all interested parties to participate, and to help contribute to the important work of the CAVN.

To ensure impartiality and to service the industry as a whole, the CAVN has taken the decision not to endorse or promote any individual products or services.

If you are interested in lending your support, please take a moment to read our Sponsorship Guidelines listed below.

CAVN Guidelines for Sponsors:

  • The sponsor’s vision and mission align with the CAVN’s Mission and Goals. The sponsor is broadly aligned with the CAVN’s Mission, to advocate for evidence-based animal nutrition and for veterinary nutrition education across Canada.
  • The sponsor is broadly aligned with official CAVN position statements.
  • All aspects of the sponsorship (such as research, consumer messaging, or professional education of members) align with those of the CAVN.
  • The CAVN does not endorse any company, brand, or company products, nor does the CAVN name or logo appear on any product. Such endorsement is neither actual nor implied.
  • There is clear separation of CAVN messages and content from brand information or promotion.
  • The CAVN maintains final editorial control and approval of all content in materials bearing the CAVN name or logo.

Inaugural Sponsor:

Education Sponsors:

Fall 2021 Webinar Series: Nestle Purina Canada

Fall 2020 Webinar Series: Royal Canin Canada